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Film & Media

Looking for a location to film your next Alaska glacier or backcountry shoot? Need a complete base camp and logistics for your film crew, commercial or documentary? We have you covered!

 We have you covered!

Filming Alaska?

Filming Alaska provides unique challenges. We are outdoor professionals with the experience, flexibility, and resources to help you get your project done on time and within budget. We have helicopters on-site plus on-site Jet-A fuel, glacier guides, and rigging gear.

Big project? Lots of moving parts and pieces? No problem! Parking of RVs and trucks is available on-site as well. No project is too small, and we’ve yet to see one too big! Start planning your shoot with us today.

Projects filmed at/from
Alaska Glacier Lodge

Snow-covered trees
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Open May 1 – September 15
Open May 1 – September 15
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