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Helicopter Hiking Tour

A staff favorite. Plenty of time is included to experience the stunning beauty of the glacier valley.

Whether you’re looking for a more leisurely hike or a steep scramble, this tour is all about you!

There are dozens of incredible high-alpine landing locations ideally suited for heli-hiking. Most of the alpine locations provide a view of at least one glacier, sometimes two or three! Depending on the weather, your specific interest and your preference for a more leisurely hike or a steep scramble, your guide will suggest the best location. After a quick gear check we pack up a light snack and board the helicopter to whisk you to the location of choice. Take in the amazing scenery and explore with your guide for just about 4-hours.

This tour is all about you: let us know when you would like to stop and take a break or snap pictures, run up the ridge to see what’s on the other side (more mountains and glaciers, but hey – go for it).


We typically have small groups of 2-4 guests, but never more than 5 guests per guide. If it’s a photo shoot you’re after and would prefer not to hike as far with tripods, multiple camera bodies, and big lenses, then we’ll plan accordingly and stick closer to the landing zone. Your guide is perfectly happy waiting with you for the perfect light, that cloud to move into position, or for the wildlife to get just a bit closer while looking out for your comfort and safety.

Heli-Hiking Tour Highlights

  • Total tour time: 4 hours

  • Flight time: approx. 20-minutes

  • Landing & Hiking time: 3:40 hours

  • Gear Provided: walking poles if requested

  • Meal Included: Trail snacks

  • Departure Location: Alaska Glacier Lodge Heli-Base

  • Transportation: Round trip or One-way transfers to/from Anchorage are available

  • Dates of operation: May 15 – September 30

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